A weekend in Oslo

Oslo was Scandinvian capital number three. The bar had been set high by Stockholm and Copenhagen, and while the previous two trips may have held more in the way of the aestheitcally pleasing, Oslo proved to be the most interesting of the three to explore because of its cultural life and beautiful architecture.

On the other hand, November might not seem like the best month to visit Scandinavian countries, especially for those hailing from warmer climes but the weather was not as bad as we thought it could be. 5 degrees with a thick coat made the visit bearable.

Our trip started with a cheap flight from London Stansted to Oslo (Rygge). The airport is about 66 kilometres from the city centre. We took a bus to Oslo central station to then find our hotel called Oslo Citybox.

I would really like to recommend this hotel if you want a modern and clean place to stay for a good price in the city centre. You won’t get a TV or breakfast but that was reflected in its affordability taking into account it is a very expensive city!

On the first day we visited the Opera House, a modern and unique building situated opposite Oslo’s fjord. The building invites pedestrians to walk up on its roof to contemplate  the panoramic view of Oslo. IMG_1916IMG_1802.JPG

Karl Johans gate is also worth visiting. It is considered Oslo’s main street and there you will be able to see many of its main buildings such as the national theatre, the parliament, the university, the national gallery and plenty of shops and hotels. This street will lead you to Oslo’s royal palace at the end of it.IMG_1832

After visiting the palace (which is only open in the summer) we took the metro to Majorstuen to explore the incredible Vigeland Park. Here you will be able to see different sculptures made of granite and bronze that convey different human feelings during different life stages.


Our favourite part of the visit was probably the Viking museum. You will need to get the bus 30 to get there. There are other museums in the area like the folk museum but we didn’t get the time to visit them. 


The Viking boats in the museum were in a great state of conservation and there were also other Viking objects such as sledges, carts, chests…

Another building that impressed us was the town hall. It might not look very appealing on the outside but the inside is full of colour with different paintings that represent the Norwegian society.



Finally a visit to the national gallery will be a great way to end your visit to Oslo…especially to see its most famous piece “The Scream” by Munch.


If you still have time after all of this we recommed a walk around the fort to get an incredible view across the harbour.


I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning Cafe Skansen if you want to try some of the local food. The service was great and the food was delicious. Plus, two meals for about 40 euros in Oslo is not bad at all!


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