The colours of San Juan (Puerto Rico)

It took me 28 years but I finally got to explore my Mum’s country…Puerto Rico! There is so much I could say about this beautiful island but the thing that impressed me the most about its capital is how colourful it is. Those bright colours reflect how vibrant and lively the city and the people who live there are.

If you visit Puerto Rico make sure you spend at least a day getting lost in the Old San Juan. Start at El Morro and keep walking down to Plaza Colón while you stop to look at the views of La Perla, the little side streets and the San Cristóbal Castle.

Once there explore its streets, eat “mofongo” and try a coconut mojito under the Caribbean sun, listen to salsa and go to sleep with the sound of the “coquí”, a frog from Puerto Rico that only sings when the sun goes down…it will be a true sensory experience!





12 thoughts on “The colours of San Juan (Puerto Rico)

  1. Gracias por tus lindas palabras y las fotos. Ojala mucha gente las vea y nos visiten pronto!!! Muchos cariños para ti Isa!!


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