A weekend in Seville

Seville is known as the city with a special colour, and those who visit will understand why. This beautiful place in the south of Spain is one of the most visited due to its nice weather (although try to avoid the summer months!), its incredible gastronomy and its rich history. The different civilizations that lived in Seville left an important legacy which makes the city unique and charming.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to Seville but the hightlights of any visit should be the following:

Start your visit in La Plaza de la Encarnación and just get lost in the little side streets nearby. This is the most entertaining way of exploring the old town. Do not worry, it looks like a labyrinth but you will eventually arrive to a main road. In the meantime you will discover beautiful churches, picturesque squares, little taverns full of tapas and lots of shops with traditional flamenco dresses in their windows.


Once you are done with the wandering head towards the breathtakinly beautiful Plaza de España. This square was built in 1929 but it became a landmark in the city and it is easy to understand why when you are there. This square has a combination of baroque towers, marble and ceramic ornaments, red bricks and wood combined with a huge fountain and a canal. Make sure you take your time to admire all the little details in it.


Not far from this square is the Torre del Oro. This building was first built in the 13th century and had many different uses during history such as a being a chapel or a prison. Today you will be able to find a maritime museum and you can also enjoy some beautiful views of the city from the top of it.


If you cross the bridge you will see another beautiful neighbourhood known as Triana. Again, take your time to wander around and explore its little side streets and churches.

The main landmark of the city is the Giralda, the bell tower of the cathedral built as a minaret during the Moorish period. This shows how Seville’s civilizations have left us a very interesting history because this tower is attached to the already mentioned cathedral which is a large Gothic building where Christopher Columbus was buried.


My favourite place in Seville is the Real Alcazar. This building is a royal palace and was developed by Moorish Muslim kings. It is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe as the royal family still uses parts of it. The Alcazar is known for its beauty and for being one of the most outstanding examples of mudejar architecture. Its gardens are also part of what makes this palace so unique so make sure you take your time to see this UNESCO heritage site.


Other buildings worth admiring are:

The General Archive of the Indies, a place to storage all the documents related to the Spanish colonies, the University, which used to be a beautiful royal tobacco factory and the Casa consistorial de Sevilla, a Plateresque style building and where the city’s government is based.


There is so much to do and see in Seville so take this as some inspiration! If you visit try some montaditos and drink lots of “tinto de verano”…the food is very cheap so it is another great excuse to visit if I hadn’t persuaded you already!





8 thoughts on “A weekend in Seville

  1. Muy bueno. No encuentras parecido entre la arquitectura de Sevilla con la de san Juan?

    ________________________________ De: weekend adventures Enviado: lunes, 20 de junio de 2016 22:22 Para: mayucintron@hotmail.com Asunto: [New post] A weekend in Seville

    Weekend Adventures posted: “Seville is known as the city with a special colour, and those who visit will understand why. This beautiful place in the south of Spain is one of the most visited due to its nice weather (although try to avoid the summer months!), its incredible gastronom”

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  2. That opening photo of Plaza de España is stunning! I learned a bit more about Seville from my best friend who lived in Spain for nine months. That bell tower with Islamic-Christian architectural details is enough reason to visit this city. Just magnificent!

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      1. My best friend didn’t visit Granada because when he was in Spain the Court of the Lions was under renovation. I’ll make sure to go to Alhambra when I visit Spain one day — which I believe will take at least a month to explore most of the country.


  3. Beautiful photos and great tips! I’m planning a trip to Portugal and Spain — Seville (4 nights) with a day trip to Cordoba and Granada (2 nights) at the end of Feb./early March. I’ve been to Madrid, Segovia, and Barcelona. Hoping the weather will be nice. ~Sherry

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