A weekend in Milan

Italy is my favourite country so I’ve always wanted to explore new areas in it; however, almost every time I mentioned that I wanted to see Milan I was told that it was not worth it. I heard people say that it was industrial, dirty and a list of other negative adjectives . Oh well, I am so glad I ignored all those comments because Milan is such an incredible place to visit and a perfect destination for a weekend adventure.

The first main reason to visit is that Milan is known for its beautiful architecture. The gothic cathedral, also known as Duomo di Milano, is a good enough reason to visit. Its construction began in 1386 and it’s considered one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. You could spend hours in this building looking at the outside, the inside and going to its roof to look at the view of the city and admire the intricate details of the spires. The museum next to it is also an interesting place where you can learn about how this beautiful building was built. DSCN0108.JPGDSCN0111DSCN0120DSCN0125DSCN0126DSCN0128

Another reason to visit Milan is having the chance to go shopping in one of the world’s oldest malls. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele was named after the first king of the kingdom of Italy. The luxury shops might not be for everyone but the building itself is famous for its arcades covered in glass.dscn0137


A pleasant surprise in Milan is the Castello Sforzesco (known as Sforza Castle in English),  which started as a 14th century fortification but it was enlarged and renovated over the years and now it houses some museums. From there you can also walk to the Arco della Pace (arch of peace), built to celebrate Napoleon’s victories. DSCN0158DSCN0160DSCN0166DSCN0163.JPG

Wandering around Milan is a great way to discover beautiful avenues, side streets and even Roman ruins. While doing this you will have the chance to admire other important buildings such as its theatre, Teatro alla  Scala. I didn’t go inside this building but if you like opera it is a great place to visit, if not, there are tours to see the interior of this popular theatre.


On the other hand, not many people know that Milan has some canals. In 1779 some artificial ones were built to create routes to facilitate transport. These canals are known as the Navigli and nowadays the area is a fantastic place to go for dinner or to have a drink with the locals. It is interesting to know that when Leonardo Da Vinci went to Milan he started to work on ways to improve this canal system and even though he was not involved in the construction, he left many sketches that were adopted by other engineers. DSCN0196

Finally another important place that I didn’t have the chance to see is the painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo as well. If you’d like to see this make sure you book your tickets a few weeks before your trip here http://www.milan-museum.com/leonardo-last-supper-cenacolo.php .

As you can see Milan is a great place to visit and don’t forget you will also need plenty of time to enjoy the Italian cuisine!


11 thoughts on “A weekend in Milan

  1. Love your post and it’s nice to see some positivity about Milan. I’ve just found your blog and can’t wait to make my way through some of your posts – weekends away are my favourite!

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